What's up in the 'Nest?

Carolyn is a California transplant who relocated to Oklahoma City 8 years ago. She has always been artistic, winning her first awards at the county fair as a middle schooler. Her interest in painting started with the gorgeous folk art she saw while living overseas as a student and then later as a teacher. The closest style to the German Bauernmalerei and Russian Petrokivka she saw in the US was Donna Dewberry's "One Stroke Painting", so she became certified to teach "One Stroke Painting".

When not painting, Carolyn is a full time mama to 2 internationally adopted teens. She enjoys culinary escapades with one who is a culinary student and art collaborations with the other who is a talented manga cartoonist.

Random fun fact - Carolyn can be found passionately yelling at the TV show "CHOPPED". She fancies herself a hobby chef who loves cherimoya, detests durian and has nearly 100 bottles of spices which are alphabetized.....

"Mementos For Your Milestones on wood... and more!"

Welcome To Hawk's Nest Creation's Shop

:::Please excuse the dust::: To see a complete portfolio of completed items and where the magic happens, please visit http://www.facebook.com/HawksNestCreations.

I offer quality handmade mementos for all of life's milestones. Most of my items are designed to be customized. The names pictured on the listings are custom pieces I have created, or I have created them for display in my own home. Please convo me with what you would like your piece to say or reflect and I will let you know if it's doable (by changing the size of lettering in conjunction with size of image for example). I want you to be happy.

MATERIALS USED - I prefer to paint on wood, but I can paint on whatever will hold still! I primarily use Deco Art Americana paints, so any color from Deco Art's palette (or Folk Art etc equivalent), I probably have. For glass and tile, I use enamel paint which has been baked. It is top rack dishwasher safe but is recommended to be washed by hand.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Carolyn grew up in the wine region of Northern California. She began winning awards for her artistic endeavors as a middle schooler. She is a Level I One Stroke Certified Instructor, certified to teach folk art painting in the style popularized by Donna Dewberry.

When she is not painting, she is a full time homeschooling mama to a teenager adopted from China in 2012. He is a fantastic manga cartoonist and she derives great pleasure out of collaborations with Xiao Long (Little Dragon as he is affectionately called).

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Carolyn Hawkinson-Pruett